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Jean Patou - Developer of Joy

The French developer Jean Patou was born on 1887 in Normandy, France. His first work was in a small dressmaking store, Parry, just before War of the nations I. He produced his first collection in 1914. In 1919, after serving as Captain of Zouaves during the war, he returned to the apparel industry and opened his very own couture residence.

Patou's participation in the evolution of sportswear is extensive, its impact, rather evident. Clothes were made to be stunning yet comfortable, practical and simple, with accents restricted to seam cellular linings as well as embroideries, as exhibited by his development of the cardigan. He created a fabric for swimwear that resists shrinking as well as is non-colorfast. He also designed the weaved swimwear and also tennis skirt. His collection was advertised by renowned names such as Wimbledon tennis celebrity Suzanne Lenglen and also American pilot Ruth Senior citizen. Females of the 1920s started to imitate this stylish appearance also if they did not participate in sporting activities.

His vision of the utmost sportswear collection was realized when he opened up Le Coin des Sports, a store in Paris that dealt with all sorts of sportswear, consisting of devices. He prolonged these stores to Deauville as well as Biarritz, both well-liked resort areas to travelers.

He confirmed to be a leader in means greater than one. In the 1920s, he developeded designer associations made from ladies's dress and also the famous cubist sweaters. He is accounted for the initial developer tag that he had actually stitched to his designs. He had the ability to create unique shades through an unique dyeing method so as to eradicate competitor replicas. In 1929, he raised the midsection of the skirt and brought it back to its all-natural hemline - a technique that Chanel followed up promptly.

He traveled to the Usa in 1924 where he worked with six American designs and brought them to France to function as mannequins. The American silhouette ended up being a point of emulation for French females and also as a result helped increase the companys sales in addition to the extra revenue that scarves, hats and accessories offered him. It likewise paved the way for his popularity in the American community, which was its target market, other than a couple of wealthy French clients.

Your home of Patou was created in 1925. It included his perfume collection, the one element that survived it during the Great Depression when the fashion industry plunged. It was in 1935, at the peak of the Depression, that the fragrance Joy was created by Henri Almeras for former clients. The flower fragrance of Pleasure would make an enduring imprint in the fashion business years later on.

In 1936, Patou perished. His sis, Madeleine as well as her partner, Raymond Barbas took control the firm to make sure that it stays in family members hands until now. By 1982, Parfums Patou was integrateded London, Milan, Geneva, Australia as well as Hong Kong. The year 1998 viewed the rise of Jean Patou into the forefront of the scent market. Apart from its very own line of perfumes, the firm was also made a distributor of Hubigant's Quelques Fleurs, and the developer/seller of Yohji Yamamoto's perfumes.

However, it is still Joy Perfume, the globe's most pricey fragrance that Patou is most ideal understood for. Pleasure fragrance got acknowledgment as the "Aroma of the Century" in UK's Fifi Awards in 2000, exceeding long-time challenger, Chanel No. 5. Complying with the success of Pleasure, the company introduced scents Lacoste as well as Nacre in 2000 and also 2001, respectively.

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