Saturday, March 14, 2015

Patou Perfume: The Scent of Sensuality

Women, as we all know, are very fond of perfumes. One cannot go out without wearing one. It is known that perfumes add attraction to an individual. The person who uses it tends to be more appealing compared to others that do not. Each scent of a perfume is meant to compliment a person’s personality. A bold one chooses to have a strong scent that calls for an undivided attention and a quick perusal from whomever it is that first noted the scent. While a person who is meek and simple choose to have a scent that is light but lasts long enough to imprint a long-lasting impression to others. Perfumes, be it expensive or cheap, has the same purpose and that is to create an impression to others as well as be more attractive and appealing in the process. There is this one maker of perfume that has been renowned for his creation of Joy parfum which made it to the top list of best perfumes in the whole world, and that is Patou.

Jean Patou has made himself a reputation that has withstood time. From humble beginnings, which started
right after the World War I and Wall Street Crash, he introduced an array of luxury, which inspired a lot of women despite the difficult times. One Patou Perfume, which made it to the top list of most expensive perfumes in the world, is the Joy Parfum. It absolutely doubled the contents of essential oils needed to come up with this exquisite product. This doubled or even tripled the price of this particular perfume. It is said that in order to come up with a 30ml of the said product, it requires 10,000 jasmines and 28dozens of May roses. No wonder the perfume is considered the most expensive one worldwide.

Joy perfume’s floral scent speaks of simplicity and sensuality. The floral purity of its composition made it more appealing. You can just smell the luxury in every bottle. Trying it out can definitely mask the fact of its price tag. This is because once you tried it on, you know that it is well worth any price it has. This is why one has to be careful in purchasing this kind of perfumes or any other expensive ones for you might end up buying a poor imitation of those. Check out official website of Joy parfum and know more about this exquisite product and its origin. You may wonder how Patou came up with such a creation but all he has in mind at that time is to come up with something luxurious to inspire the women of his time, a great concession to the difficult times that they had.

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